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The system can be configured for small animal, large animal, equine and emergency out of hours practices. 

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User Benefits

  • Cost-effective comprehensive modern system
  • Inherently web-based and accessible
  • ANSI compliant SQL database designed to future proof reporting requirements
  • Intuitive to use, minimising staff training
  • Innovative customer bonding features including:
    • SMS text reminders for appointments and product application
    • Client Login and Online Booking
    • Healthy Pet Club
    • Loyalty Schemes
    • Client-specific Personalised Pricing Policies
    • Direct Insurance Claims management
  • Solid financial management functionality to support your business
  • Flexible Management Reporting with KPIs giving meaningful feedback to drive your practice development strategy
  • Highly configurable, enabling customisation for your specific needs within a standard product
  • Wholesaler independent stock control provides price updates and online ordering with all major suppliers

System Features

SMS text messaging embedded in system

  • No need to export data to an external service or product, send SMS text messages to your clients directly from the Vet-Tec system.
  • Ad hoc messages, for example to update the client on progress of a case, can be sent directly from the system and attach to the client's historical record.
  • Appointment reminders for pre-booked appointments can be sent by the system at your preferred interval in advance.
  • Unlimited Recalls and Reminders can be set up according to rules under your control. As well as the familiar recalls for vaccinations, health checks etc the system offers Treatment Regime Reminders. Any sale can trigger a series of reminders for the client to administer the product at the appropriate intervals, with different final and overdue messages to remind the client to purchase more if a further purchase has not been made. 
  • All SMS messages created by the Vet-Tec Practice Management System can be sent cost effectively either using the Vet-Tec mobile phone app or, for large volumes, processed seamlessly via a bulk SMS supplier.

Financial Control and Flexible Management Reporting

  • The Vet-Tec system is based on a solid financial management foundation with embedded functionality to support your business. Control of pricing, cash handling and debt management are key to the system and your business success. Manage both cash and account clients in appropriate ways with various locally controlled system flags that can be used to guide staff in your chosen client liaison protocols.
  • A KPI pack is produced automatically each month.  This includes a set of customisable Key Performance Indicators with supplementary analytical text and annotated graphs, in an accessible pdf document, giving meaningful feedback to drive your development strategy in an easily digestible and informative format.

Companion Animal

The modern Small Animal Practice focus on Client Bonding and Compliance Enhancement is actively supported by the Vet-Tec system.
  • Client Login and Online Booking
    • Link from your own website to a secure login for your registered clients. 
    • Clients can view restricted data on their pets, register a new pet and reserve limited appointments online in real time directly into your appointment system.
    • 'Traffic light' highlights for recalls/reminders so that your client can easily see when to book vaccination/ health check appointment.
    • Total control over which appointments are offered to clients online, by combination of day of week, date, time of day, appointment type and staff member.
    • Client self-booked appointments clearly highlighted in appointment list.
  • Healthy Pet Plans
    • Comprehensive functionality to easily manage Healthy Pet Club schemes
    • Annual limits on items included free-of-charge within each plan. System automatically charges items according to scheme and pet history.
    • Discount structure for products and services can be set up for each plan, applied by the system at time of sale.
    • Unique processing of monthly direct debit payment information with option to upload remittance advice data. Ensures effortless maintenance of full payment histories within the Vet-Tec system, keeping VAT records correct and highlighting lapsed schemes.
  • Loyalty Schemes
    • Ability to set up Loyalty Scheme Reward credits which can be applied to client records in a fully controlled manner
  • Direct Insurance Claims management
    • Link to VetEnvoy ePortal for paperless claims management
    • Additional features to handle incoming payments from insurers
    • Management reporting with claim revenue statistics

Large Animal and Equine

The following additional features have been designed specifically for use by Large Animal, Equine and Mixed Practices.
  • Large Animal DayBook
    • Management of multiple vets out in the field, with allocation of pre-planned and on-the-day visits according to priority and geographical location
    • Colour coding provides at-a-glance status information and highlights incomplete data entry of work done
    • Job Ticket Entry utility for rapid entry of manual tickets
    • Flexible resource planning accommodates rota patterns and seasonal variations
  • Financial Management
    • Production of account invoices and statements as pdf documents, option to automatically email to clients from the system
    • Sensitive automatic statement surcharging and messaging according to client type and age of debt
    • Financial reporting by work type and client type with Moving Annual Totals showing business trends in turnover
  • Client-specific Personalised Pricing Policies
    • Complex pricing policies with sensitive discount structures can be linked to individual clients or groups of clients and automatically applied transparently at point of sale.
    • Discounted Cash Counter Sale option enables special pricing policy to be easily applied for non-account purchase transactions.
    • Monthly invoiced Healthy Animal plans for corporate clients eg working service dogs, an extension of the Healthy Pet Plan functionality

Out of Hours Emergency Services

  • Uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of emergency veterinary clinics.
  • Emphasis is on rapid input of current case information and the sensitivity of holding clients’ clinical and financial data securely for different referring practices.
  • Participating vet practices can be given restricted access to the system to view only their own client/case details and print their invoices, case reports and lab test results locally.


  • Case-centred navigation for rapid data entry in an Emergency Room environment
  • Full case tracking for all calls and interventions
  • Personalised documentation on demand
  • Comprehensive inpatient Hospital functionality
  • Automated distribution of Case Reports to referring vets
  • Automated email alerts to referring vets at key points during case management
  • Optional seamless interface to standard Vet-Tec Practice Management System for 24-hour day and night service practices


  • No need to email/fax case reports to referring practices
  • Screens designed for ease of use by staff with minimum training
  • Specific management reporting tailored to the emergency out-of-hours business model
  • Complete audit trail of all client interventions from initial phone call to patient discharge

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If you would like any further details on how the Vet-Tec Practice Management System can help your Veterinary Practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please email: or telephone 01424 223569 for more information.

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